Fertility Support


We aim to work alongside your primary caregiver creating a specific program to suit you and carefully combine Yoga for Fertility,  Acupuncture for Fertility and Relaxation for Fertility which is tailored to your changing needs.


Our Integrative Support Program:

Our Integrative Fertility, IVF and other assisted reproductive treatment support Program Includes:
  • Acupuncture for Fertility Treatments,
  • Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Care to supplement IVF,
  • Relaxation, Meditation and Yoga for Fertility
  • Fertility Massage
This program aims to directly involve you in the entire IVF cycle, from our 3-4 month Pre conception preparation program, through to commencement of an IVF cycle, including explanations on medications and procedures to reduce anxiety and help you understand your choices.
We offer a safe place for you to voice your questions or queries, both during your treatment time and at any time during the cycle.  The program also enables you to keep us updated at all stages of your cycle, including blood tests and ultrasound results, medication changes and any relevant information. In addition to the physical benefits of acupuncture within the IVF cycle, we aim to nurture the emotional aspects, which are equally as important during the IVF process.  Olive Tree Acupuncture therefore provides you with a safe, reassuring and supportive environment.

How Acupuncture Can Help You:

Acupuncture can make a difference not only to how you feel during your IVF cycle but can also improve your chances of a successful pregnancy and birth. As part of our holistic approach to IVF support, we recommend our pre-conception care program, including acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine, at least three months before beginning a IVF cycle to give your body the best chance of producing good quality eggs and sperm, prepare the uterine lining, balance the hormones, and reduce any stress and anxiety. Acupuncture can assist the IVF process by:
    • Decreasing stress levels
    • Stabilising hormone levels
    • Improving blood and energy flow to the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes
    • Improving quality and thickness of endometrium
    • Improving egg quality
    • Improving sperm count, motility and morphology
    • Improving your sleeping patterns
    • Reducing miscarriage

How Yoga For Fertility Can Help You:

Yoga is an effective form of stress management through learning relaxation skills that you can use in daily activities and postures and breathing techniques to improve circulation to the ovaries and uterus and improve hormonal balance. Fertility Yoga can relieve symptoms of bloating, fluid retention and anxiety. Stress can negatively impact on our fertility and reduce the success rates of IVF and other treatments. Learning to relax within in a Yoga Therapy session or group class is an effective and easy way to boost your fertility and sooth your emotional and mental state. We recommend around 3 private yoga therapy sessions as an effective way to lower stress levels and begin to develop personal relaxation skills. These are good to schedule at different times for your cycle to help stimulate different phases to enhance Fertility Acupuncture Treatments. We also offer Women's Yoga Classes, Restorative Yoga and more Dynamic Yoga classes which can be appropriate at different times in your cycle.
During your cycle there are certain times when acupuncture has shown to be useful. During the stimulation/medication phase  1 - 2 treatments per week to improve follicle development, reduce side effects of the medication and improve the uterine lining. After egg collection  Treatment within 1 - 2 days reduces any local trauma or cramping, calms the mind and enriches uterine lining. Before embryo transfer  Circulates blood to the uterus and calms the mind. After embryo transfer  Prevents uterine cramping, increases implantation success, reduces the chance of miscarriage and calms the mind Weekly after transfer Reduces risk of miscarriage, calms the mind and reduces anxieties and supports your developing embryo. Acupuncture also imparts emotional balance, wellbeing, and self confidence. Women often report feelings of optimism about their IVF cycle, feel less anxiety post-transfer, and enjoy a increased sense of control over their part in the IVF process.
For more information about acupuncture please see Nalinee’s NM Acupuncture website.